About me...

Hi, I'm Kali! 

A little bit about me:

According to my Dad:

I am "charming, passionate, intuitive, and talented."

According to my best friend:

I am "devoted, competitive, energetic, thoughtful and .. weird."(*emphasis on the weird*)


But If you asked me, I'd tell you I am a lover of Jesus, people, and GIFs -- I strive to be a great friend and a hard worker -- I fail at driving and anything that requires navigation -- I succeed at being an awkward flirt and a hopeless romantic.

A little bit about my business: 

My venture into photography was not thought out or planned.. I kind of stumbled upon it.. or it stumbled upon me, one might say. It all started with my big brother, my favorite sister-in-law, and a ...... camera phone (I shudder to think of it). 

.... but so began GraceUponGrace Photography. 

Why the name "GraceUponGrace"? 

In John 1:16, the Bible says that "from the fullness of God, we have received "abundant grace"...  or "grace upon grace" .

What does this even have to do with photography?


Well.... I believe that every person is who, what, when, where, and why they are because of God's grace. His grace is the force that sustains us (even when we can't feel it).

Photography is my means of taking a minute, looking around, stopping, noticing, appreciating, and capturing these otherwise overlooked moments of God's grace in our lives.

Something unique about me: 

I am one of two!  

My faaavvorriteee part of my work is who I share it with: my twin sister and right hand, Kaci. She started working Wedding days with me when it became too much for one, and we never looked back. She is my second photographer / best assistant ever on Wedding Day and my other solo photographer for general sessions throughout the week.


Together, we tend to make things pretty vibrant and interesting (or so we've been told). She inspires me constantly to "just keep swimming" and to love people everyday in our work and personal lives. Neither one of us are perfect, but we strive to work hard, love people, and laugh through the mess of it all... and to give people grace.

Thanks for reading!!



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